Collection: FluorN: Surfactants

The FluorN family of fluorosurfactants are widely used as leveling, wetting and foaming agents. Fluorosurfactants lower surface tension and increase water, oil and stain repellency more effectively than hydrocarbon surfactants. Common applications for fluoro surfactants include:

Sealers: Improves water, oil and stain resistance of mineral spirits and silicone based fabric, concrete, stone and wood sealers

Inks: Improves pigment compatibility in inks, improves cylinder life in print equipment and better paint definition.

Paints: Improves wetting, pore-penetration and leveling of oil based coatings. Also reduces cratering of solvent based paints.

Oil well stimulation: Foaming agent for kerosene, diesel and hydrocarbons.

Fingerprint repellency: Provides finger oil and smudge repellent properties to coatings.

Stain repellence: Increases stain, magic marker and graffiti repellency of paints.

Please review our Surfactants Selection Guide for a description of our most popular FluorN products. Samples of FluorN S83, FluorN 561, FluorN 562 and others can be purchased online. For help with product selection please contact Cytonix. Samples are for academic and industrial research use only.

Surfactants selection guide