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Ceramic+ Graphene

Ceramic+ Graphene

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Graphene+ is a hydrophobic ceramic coating formulated for cars, trucks, all terrain vehicles (ATV) and motor bikes. When cured, this coating is over 9H hard with excellent resistance to abrasion, mud and UV-light. Graphene+ is smooth, slippery, hydrophobic and oleophobic making it repellent to mud and easy to clean. Graphene+ is applied by wipe-on methods using Microfiber cloths. When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 100° and roll-off angles of less than 10° can be achieved.

Size: 100 grams (125 ml)

Application methods: Clean the substrate with water, Isopropyl alcohol or other suitable method including use of clay bars to remove dirt and grime. Wipe-on Graphene+ using lint-free microfiber cloth (crosshatch pattern), allow to dry for 5 minutes and buff clean with a new soft microfiber cloth.

Curing: Curing at room temperature (indoors) will take up to 48 hours. Curing outdoors on a sunny day exposed to sun-light will take 6 to 8 hours. Caution: Avoid breathing fumes. Apply in well-ventilated area.

Color: Transparent

Water contact angle: over 100°

Coverage:  One 125 ml bottle will coat 2 mid size cars