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July 2020: Hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. and worldwide response to COVID-19. While both the CDC and FDA prefer washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds this is not always possible especially as the country opens up and individuals go back to work, shopping and traveling. In response to this urgent need for hand sanitizers Cytonix is now manufacturing a quaternary ammonium salt based, 4-hour, long lasting hand sanitizer that is registered with the FDA. This hand sanitizer not only instantly kills 99.99% of germs on your hands, but also coats your hand with protective anti-bacterial barrier that provides persistent protection against germs.

February 2019: Oleophobic coatings for membranes and fine mesh are used to create venting devices. In the past, oleophobicity grade 8, the highest grade and most oil repellency was achieved with long chain perfluoroalkyl fluorocarbons with greater or equal to C8 chains. Due to environmental concerns these chemicals and their breakdown products (PFOA and PFOS) can no longer be used. This has limited the ability to achieve oleophobicity Grade 8. However, Cytonix has recently synthesized a unique coating, FluoroPel Membrane 8, that provides oleophobicity grade 8, and contains no PFOA or PFOS.

November 2018: 5G cellular networks operate on millimeter wavelength (mmWave) frequencies (typically over 28 GHz) to offer broader bandwidths and higher data rates. The use of high frequencies result in strong propagation impairments due to rain. Rain attenuation appears to be dependent on frequency, rain-drop size and water-film formation on antenna. Hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings can be used to reduce or eliminate rain fade. FluoroThane TS is a low VOC, superhydrophobic coating offered by Cytonix to help 5G cellular networks perform better in bad weather. WX2100 is an easy solution for restoring superhydrophobic properties on 5G antenna in the field.  

July 2017: Cytonix introduced FluorAcryl 7298, an oleophobic, anti-fouling and magic marker repellent additive for UV-curable coatings and photo resists. This additive at 2% makes most acrylate UV curable resins oil, water and stain repellent. With 7298 contact angles for water >100° and for oil > 75° can be expected.

February 2016: Cytonix just introduced, FluoroPel Multi-Surface, a nanoscale multi-surface hydrophobic treatment for metal, glass and plastic. This affordable material is applied by spraying, dipping or wiping, and heating is not required. FluoroPel-Multi-Surface is designed for general purpose and multi-surface treatment for applications that do not require long-term abrasion durability. The coating does not change the appearance of the material and is 100% transparent to visible light. Contact angle for water are >110° and for oil > 34°. The material is available in a variety of organic solvents including Butyl-Acetate, Ethyl-Acetate and Mineral Spirits.

November 2015: Cytonix introduced the fluorinated surfactant FluorN S83 this month. Fluorosurfactants are widely used as leveling, wetting and forming agents. Fluorosurfactants lower surface tension and increase water repellency more effectively than hydrocarbon surfactants. Cytonix surfactants for non-aqueous, non-polar solvent systems include FluorN 1740H and FluorN S83. These fluorosurfactants are widely used in sealers, inks, paints and for oil-well stimulation. Cytonix also offers FluorN 561 and FluorN 562, for aqueous, polar solvent systems.

December 2014: Cytonix LLC announced the commercial availability of a new, highly durable oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating called FluoroSyl™ FSM3750. FSM3750 is an exceptional coating that is long-lasting and repels dirt, stains, fingerprints and other contaminants. This proprietary fluorosilane provides a smooth, silky-feeling to the surface of glass, metals and other oxides containing materials.

May 2013: Cytonix launched the 400-series FluoroPel family of coatings. The FluoroPel 400 series is provided in concentrations of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 20 percent. FluoroPel 400-series is compatible with MEK, acetone, ethyl-acetate, HFE7100 and HFE7200. FluoroPel 400-series has an oleophobicity grade of 6 or 7 and a contact angle to water greater than 105°.

October 2012: To address the need for custom colored super hydrophobic and hydrophobic coatings Cytonix launched FluoroThane-MX. FluoroThane MX is available in green (# 34094), black (# 17038) and tan (# 33446).

June 2009: Cytonix Corporation and Cytonix subsidiary, Genomic Nanosystems (GNS) is purchased by Life Technologies, as Cytonix LLC is spun out with its coating, additive and device technologies.

December 2008: Cytonix awarded US Patent 7,459,315 for a method of simultaneously dividing and sealing a fluid nucleic acid sample.

September 2008: Single step Digital PCR methods exclusively licensed to Sequenom for non-invasive prenatal genetic tests and for all mass spectrometry based genetic testing.

February 2008: Cytonix subsidiary, GNS announces release of single-step Digital PCR products. September 2007 -- Cytonix issued US Patent 7,268,179 for fluoropolymer compositions with improved adhesion.

June 2007: Cytonix begins distribution of FluoroThane MW and WX2100 in Europe.

December 2006: Cytonix forms subsidiary, Genomic Nanosystems (GNS), to develop Digital PCR technology.

November 2006: Cytonix receives exclusive license from the National Institutes of Health for Digital PCR.

April 2006: Cytonix announced on-line availability of new product, WX2100, that significantly reduces weather-related satellite signal loss. WX2100 is a super hydrophobic coating that prevents water and ice accumulation on almost any surface. WX2100 is currently used widely in the telecommunications industry to prevent rain fade during heavy thunderstorms and freezing rain.

March 2005: Cytonix announced the availability of its new line of FluorN PFOA and PFOS free fluorosurfactants, including Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) block polymers.

June 1999: Cytonix announced the commercial availability of Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) di and tetra silanes under the Cytonix brand FluoroSyl. The FluorSyl family of coatings makes glass surfaces water, oil, fingerprint and smudge resistant. Since FluoroSyl requires only a single molecular layer for optimal performance it is a very cost effective coating.

May 1995: Cytonix announced the launch of fluoroalkyl silanes called FluoroSyl. FluoroSyl FSM660 makes glass and metal-oxide surfaces oil and water repellent.

November 1990: Cytonix together with Fertility Technologies launched chamber slides for sperm cell assessment. Cytonix chamber slides are used in assessing mobility and speed of sperm cells in both human and veterinary applications. Cytonix chamber slides are compatible with most computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA) systems. 

May 1987: CytoFluidics launched super hydrophobic and solvent resistant inks for diagnostic microscopy devices.

June 1986: CytoFluidics introduced FluoroPel. FluoroPel is a fluorocarbon hydrophobic and oleophobic coating with a wide variety of applications. FluoroPel applications include coating membranes, laboratory vessels, microfluidic devices, printed circuit boards, ball-grit arrays, MR heads, micro-motors, MEMS, and hard disk drive components. Fabrics, filters and membranes coated with FluoroPel retain air permeability and have an oleophobicity grade of 8 or more.

December 1984: CytoFluidics developed the Fluid Transistor for micro-manipulation of chemical and biological fluids by optically or electromagnetically controlling the surface energy of hydrophobic surfaces using electrodes and optics. Electrowetting was used on a microscopic scale to load channels and reservoirs, direct the flow of fluids and move packets of liquid along directed paths. This work was sponsored in 1987-88 by National Science Foundation SBIR Phases I and II grants.