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FluorN 1688

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FluorN 1688 is a 100% solids C6 perfluoroalkyl isocyanate that moisture cures. It can also be formulated in 2-part urethane formulations to form clear, low refractive index, lubricious hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces.

Quantity: 100 grams
Shelf life: 6 months (in unopened container)
Structure: Isocyanate terminated C6 perfluoroalkyl
Color: Clear or lightly turbid liquid
Flash point: NA
Flammable: Non-flammable
Water surface tension at 1%: below 25 dynes/cm
Concentration: FluorN 1688 is effective at concentrations between 0.05 to 5% by weight
Packaging: FluorN 1688 is also available in: • 1 lb cans • 8 lb cans