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FluorN 1740

FluorN 1740

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FluorN 1740 is a 40% solids, isopar based fluorosurfactant additive that reduces surface tension. 1740 is soluble in most organic non-polar solvents. Applications for 1740 include leveling agent for use in oil-based coatings, foaming agent in petroleum exploration and hydrophobic additive in solvent based paints.

Quantity: 125 ml
Shelf life: One year (in unopened conatiner)
Key benefits:
Reduces surface tension, which improves wetting and enhances leveling of paints, oils and conditioners.
Concentration: FluorN 1740 is effective at concentrations between 0.05 – 0.25% by weight. 1740 is sold as a 40% concentrate in Isopar-H.
Structure: Fluoroacrylate copolymer
Ionic nature: Nonionic
Color: Clear yellow liquid
Density: 0.98 (~ 7.0lb/gal)
Flash point: 30°C
Stability: Freeze thaw stable
Shelf-life: 2 years
Water contact angle: >100° (at 0.25% in alkyd paints)
Surface tension: <23 dynes/cm (at 25°C in IPA, MIBK, Butyl-Acetate and Xylene)
- Improves wetting and leveling and reduces cratering of solvent based paints
- Hydrophobic additive for solvent based paints
- Oil well stimulation: Foaming agent for kerosene, diesel and hydrocarbons.

FluorN-1740 fluorosurfactant is currently available in: • 1 lb bottles • 8 lb (1 gal) pails • 40 lb (6 gal) drums

Regulatory Summary:
This product complies with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and REACH in Europe.