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FluoroSyl 2000

FluoroSyl 2000

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FluoroSyl 2000 is a hydrophobic oleophobic coating with good durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On metal, plastic and glass the coating provides good omniphobic properties. 2000 forms a clear, hard and chemical resistant film that performs well as a coating for metal stencils.

Quantity: 100 grams in a 125 ml bottle
Concentration: 0.2% (in IPA)
Application methods: Dip, brush squeegee, spray, etc.
Curing: Air dry for 24 hours (or heat in oven or with heat-gun at 40 - 100°C for 10 minutes)
Transparent: Yes
Density: ~0.8 g/ml
Static Contact Angle to Water (2 µl): ~95°
Static Contact Angle to Mineral Oil (20 µl): >50°
Contact Angle after 5,000 Cotton Rubs @ 2.5 g/sq-mm: >100°

Clean glass and metal with isopropyl alcohol prior to application of FluoroSyl. Glass or metal can also be cleaned by buffing with cerium oxide (60%) and water (40%) paste and wiping with wet towels.  Apply 2000 immediately after surface preparation.  Wip-on FluoroSyl 2000 (at 0.2% concentration in IPA) using microfiber cloth.  Allow 2000 to dry for 12 hours or heat with a hair dryer for 10 minutes.  The glass or metal should now repel water, oil, paint, ice and stains. After the cleaning step, 2000 can also be applied by dipping, spraying, brushing and spritz.


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