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FluorN 2900Ni

FluorN 2900Ni

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FluorN 2900Ni is a 100% active, non-ionic, alkylphenolethoxylate-free (APEO), PFOA/PFOS-free, perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluorosurfactant. At low concentrations 2900N reduces the surface tension of aqueous and polar solvent formulations sufficiently to permanently wet and provide smooth, pinhole-free films on PTFE and other low energy surfaces. FluorN 2900Ni helps provide great substrate wetting, leveling, stripping, re-coating, antifoging, anti-blocking, cleanability and open time extension. In aqueous and polar solutions it is also low-foaming with 80% less foam than fluoro-alkyl fluorosurfactants.

Quantity: 25 grams (30 ml container)
Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)
• Cleaners for Glass, ceramics and stone: Wetting strength at low concentrations is key to good cleaning. FluorN 2900N promotes low surface tension and wetting using concentrations of 500 ppm or lower. The residual film is thinner and evaporates more quickly with less haze and streaking.
• Strippers: The chemical stability of a surfactant is essential in stripping products, and FluorN 2900N has excellent resistance in acid and alkali solutions. Fluor 2900N also has excellent wetting and penetrating strength.
• VOC-Free Paints: FluorN 2900N provides multiple benefits to paints and coatings. In the grind and the letdown phases of production 2900N eliminates the need for pigment-wetting, film-leveling and anti-blocking agents, also reducing the need for defoamer.
• Inks: Without interfering with the dispersed phases, FluorN 2900N imparts anti-blocking, ink acceptance, leveling and wetting strength.
Physical properties:
Structure: Glycol-terminated high molecular weight perfluoropolyether
Ionic nature: Nonionic
Color: Whitish liquid
Density: 1.38
Use: R&D only
Flammable: Non-flammable
Stability: High chemical and thermal stability
Water surface tension at 0.05%: below 20 dyne/cm
Solubility in water: 100% (work water into 2900N, slowly increasing amount of water)
Concentration: FluorN 2900N is effective at concentrations between 0.0005 to 0.5% by weight. FluorN 2900N is more active than fluoroalkyl based fluorosurfactants.
Packaging: FluorN 2900N is also available in: • 1 lb bottles • 8 lb (1 gal) pails • 40 lb (5 gal) drums
Regulatory: FluorN 2900 is TSCA and REACH compliant. FluorN 2900 is polymer exempt.

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