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FluorN 561

FluorN 561

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FluorN 561 is a non-reactive, fluorine containing, ethylene glycol based polymeric fluorosurfactant compatible with most polar solvent (alcohol) based inks, coatings, resists and emulsions. 561 is non-ionic and provides low surface tension in polar coating systems. This is an excellent wetting, leveling and spreading agent for a variety of waterborne, high-solids and radiation curable coatings. FluorN 561 may replace Capstone FS3100.

Amount: 100 grams (in 125 ml bottle)
Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)
Form: Liquid
Use: R&D and industrial use only
Relative density: ~1.1
Solubility in IPA: Soluble
Concentration: 100% or 25% in Isopropyl Alcohol
Vapor pressure: <0.01
Flammable: No (at 100% solids)
Freezing: Protect from freezing
Packaging: FluorN 561 is also available in: • 1 lb bottles • 8 lb (1 gal) pails • 35 lb (5 gal) pails

Comparing FluorN 561 and 562: FluorN 560 series products have four pendant groups on a polypropylene glycol backbone. FluorN 561 has two perfluoro groups and two polyethylene glycol groups. For FluorN 562 the ratio is one perfluoro group and three polyethylene glycol groups. Therefore, FluorN 561 has a slightly higher fluorine content than FluorN 562.
Applications: FluorN 561 is used as an additive in architectural coatings, inks, floor polishes, waxes, high solids coatings, water reducible coatings, radiation curable coatings and photoresists. Recommended use level is between 0.05% and 1.0% active surfactant. However, use level can vary depending on the application and concentration of other additives and solvents in the formulation.
Regulatory: FluorN 561 does not contain PFOA or PFOS, does not degrade to PFOS or PFOA and is not derived from compounds comprising these materials. FluorN 561 is compliant with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and REACH.
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