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FluorAcryl 7298

FluorAcryl 7298

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FluorAcryl 7298 is a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) acrylate used as an additive in other UV curable coatings to reduce surface tension and improve water, oil and stain resistance. This fluorinated acrylate is transparent, hydrophobic and oleophobic with exceptional hardness, toughness, heat, and chemical resistance. Films and coatings with 7298 may be expected to provide anti-fouling and easy cleaning from fingerprints and other contaminants. FluorAcryl 7298 is compatible with many monomers, such as TMPTA. With or without pigments and other particulates, 7298 rapidly UV cures in the presence or absence of oxygen.

Size: 125 ml

Form:  Viscous liquid

Density: 1.1 g/ml

Application methods: As an additive at 1 - 2% in other UV curable inks and coatings, applied by screen printing, pad printing, direct or reverse roll, offset gravure, metering rod, slot die, knife over roll, air knife, curtain, immersion, spin, dipping, etc.

Color: Clear

Water contact angle: over 100°

Mineral oil contact angle: over 60°

Solvent resistance: Acetone, ethanol, MEK, etc.

Magic marker repellence: Excellent