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MicroSlide B2 Poly-lysine [24 Slides]

MicroSlide B2 Poly-lysine [24 Slides]

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MicroSlides are used in clinical microbiology labs for diagnostic microscopy. MicroSlides are superhydrophobic PTFE slides with wells that are coated with poly-lysine. The superhydrophobic ink is water and media repellent holding samples in the well without cross-contamination of well contents. The poly-lysine coated wells are wettable, hydrophillic and bio-adhesive. Poly-lysine allows good cell bonding to the well-surface without heat treatment, methanol fixation and other adhesion promoters. Poly-lysine also improves microscopic imaging by reducing background staining.

Packaging: 24 slides in each pack
Appearance: Black with two clear 19 mm diameter wells
Dimensions: 25 mm X 75 mm including frost end for labeling
Options: Contact Cytonix for custom colors and configurations 

- No albumin or PVA
- Good cell, tissue and organism morphology retention
- Adhesion based on poly-lysine
- Water, media and solvent resistant well-mask
- Clean sanitized wells for good cell culture

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