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FluoroPel 201

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Size: 100 grams (125 ml bottle)
Shelf life: One year (in sealed unopened container)
Application methods: Immersion, brush, dip, spray, etc.
Appearance: Clear, odorless and colorless film
Contact angle to water: ~100°
Contact angle to oil: >50°
Oleophobicity grade: >4
Hardness: >2B pencil
Flammability: Non-burning
Heat stability: Continuous 150°C
Max heat stability one hour: 250°C
Refractive index: ~1.34
Toxicity of films: HMIS Rating Health = 1
Ease of application: Excellent
Solvent/chemical resistance: Excellent after curing
Transparent: Yes
Ease of drying: Dries at room temperature in ~60 minutes