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FluorN PFPE-TRIS is a Tris end-capped perfluoropolyether (PFPE). This is a fluorosurfactant that may be used to prepare water-in-oil emulsions where the oil phase is fluorinated. The PFPE part of the surfactant has a molecular weight of 2000.

Amount: 25 grams (30 ml container)
Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)

Description: FluorN is a 20% solids perfluoropolyether (PFPE) surfactant in a high boiling point fluorosolvent solvent.
Physical properties:
Form: Viscous liquid
Color: Colorless to Light amber
Odor: Slight halogen
Relative density: ~1.5
Solubility in water: Not soluble
Freezing: Protect from freezing
Regulatory: FluorN does not contain PFOA or PFOS, does not degrade to PFOS or PFOA and is not derived from compounds comprising these materials. These products comply with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and are REACH compliant in Europe.