Collection: MicroTool: Microscopy Devices

The MicroTool family of devices have been used for cell microscopy for decades. Cytonix chamber slides are used for sperm cell motility analyses. These devices have been optimized for human, bovine, equine and other mammalian cell analyses. These disposable 75 X 25 mm glass slides with fixed coverslips have 20-micron depth chambers. MicroTool slides are compatible with most CASA and used to assess total, motile and progressive spermatozoa counts and concentrations. MicroTool slides are non-toxic to cells. Each slide is quality control tested to assure 20-micron depth chambers. Slides with two, four, six, and seven chambers are available.

MicroSlides are used in clinical microbiology labs for diagnostic microscopy. Poly-lysine coated wells allow good cell bonding to the well-surface without heat treatment, methanol fixation and other adhesion promoters.