Collection: Blood and biofluids repellent coatings

Blood, biofluids, earwax, and lipids repellent coatings are important in design of medical devices, microfluidic devices, and surgical instruments and scopes.  This is a curated list of Cytonix coatings that offer omniphobic properties that include hydrophobicity and oleophobicity. 

- CytoPel 500 BIO: Easy to apply by dip, spray, float, or brush. Room temperature cure.
- CytoSyl 3750 BIO: Designed for glass and other OH-rich surfaces.  Very durable. 
- CytoThane BIO:  Nano structures on the surface create lotus effect for fluids
- CytoCure DB BIO:  Make any surface hydrophorbic, stain repellent and antifouling  
- CytoCryl 3298 BIO:  UV-light curable biofluids repellent coating