Cytonix Introduction
- Cytonix: An overview of Cytonix [PDF
- CytoPel and oleophobic membranes:  An overview of CytoPel performance on mesh and membranes [PDF
- CytoPel is a hydrophobic conformal coating:  An overview of CytoPel as a hydrophobic and oleophobic conformal coating [PDF
- Frequently asked questions: Definitions of superhydrophobic, hydrophobic, oleophobic and icephobic coatings [PDF]

CytoCeramic: Ceramic Coatings for Professional Boat and Car Detailers
- Ceramic+ Marine:  Ceramic coating for boats  [TDS]
- Ceramic+ Restore:  Ceramic coating to restore and protect surfaces  [TDS]
- Video of Ceramic+ application: How to apply ceramic coatings on boats, cars, and aircraft [YouTube]
- Video of ceramic coating on BMW: Performance of hydrophobic, scratch resistant, E2C ceramic coating for cars, motorcycles and ATVs [YouTube]

CytoCoat, FluoroCoat and MicroFrost: Screenprinting Inks 
- FluoroCoat MH-series inks TDS: Superhydrophobic, solvent-resistant, heat-curable screenprinting inks for glass [PDF]
FluoroCoat S-series TDS: Smooth, hydrophobic, solvent-resistant, heat-curable screenprinting inks for glass [PDF]
- MicroFrost U-series TDS: Smooth, hydrophobic, solvent-resistant, UV-light curable screenprinting inks for glass [PDF]

CytoCryl and FluorAcryl: UV Light Curable Coatings and Additives
- FluorAcryl 1939 TDS: Bifunctional hydrophobic, oleophobic, stain-repellent, additive for UV-curable coatings [PDF]
- CytoCyl 3298 TDS: Hydrophobic, oleophobic, stain-repellent, glass, metal and plastic UV-curable coating [PDF]
- FluorAcryl 7298 TDS: Polyfunctional hydrophobic, oleophobic, stain-repellent, additive for UV-curable coatings [PDF]

CytoCure and MicroCure: Hydrophobic Gas Impermeable Coatings
- CytoCure DB TDS:  Hydrophobic oleophobic PFAS-Free conformal coating [PDF
- CytoCure DT8 TDS:  Gas impermeable hard hydrophobic coating for plastic and metal [PDF]
- MicroCure DTI 002: Hydrophobic and oleophobic, UV-resistant nanocoating for glass, metal and plastic [PDF]
- MicroCure DTO 05: Hydrophobic and oleophobic, UV-resistant coating for glass, metal and plastic [PDF]
- MicroCure DTO 6ET: Ice release, ice repellent, hydrophobic, oleophobic and UV-light resistant coating for metal, glass and plastic [PDF]
- MicroCure DTO 40: Hydrophobic and UV-light resistant coating for metal, glass, plastic, and painted surfaces  [PDF]
- MicroCure D-series:  Conformal coating for corrosion prevention [PDF
- MicroCure EVE: Hydrophobic and oleophobic UV-resistant, chemicals repellent coating [PDF]
- MicroCure IceSlip 63 TDS: A snow and ice repellant coating to prevent frozen doors and clogged augers and chutes [PDF]
- MicroCure IceSlip 83Y TDS: A snow and ice repellent additive for solvent based paint [PDF]
- MicroCure IR: Hydrophobic and oleophobic low VOC paint with ice release properties [PDF]
- MicroCure OilSlip 6ET TDS: An oleophobic anti-fouling nano-coating for metal stencils, molds and other devices [PDF]
- MicroCure T: Hydrophobic and oleophobic paint additive with ice repellent properties [PDF]
- MicroCure T-IR: Hydrophobic and ice-repellent oil-based alkyd paint [PDF]
- MicroCure UV72 TDS: Hydrophobic and oleophobic UV-curable conformal coating [PDF]

CytoN and FluorN:  Fluorosurfactants, Leveling Agents and Surface Tension Modifiers
- FluorN 561 TDS: Wetting, leveling and spreading agent for waterborne and polar, radiation curable coatings [PDF]
- FluorN 2900 TDS: Non-ionic, alkylphenolethoxylate-free (APEO), PFOA/PFOS-free, perfluoropolyether fluoro-surfactant that reduces surface tension of aqueous and polar solvent formulations [PDF]
- FluorN S83 TDS: An additive to reduce surface tension of oil-based paints and to improve ice, stain, water and oil repellency [PDF]
- FluorN C6MA: Methacrylate functional, high fluorine content fluorosurfactant that can be added to many acrylic resin systems to improve hydrophobicity and oleophobicity [PDF]

CytoPel and FluoroPel: Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings
- CytoPel Resin TDS:  CytoPel resin technical data sheet [PDF]
- CytoPel 101X TDS: 101X is a hydrophobic conformal coating for electronic devices [PDF]
- CytoPel Conformal Coatings TDS: Nano film coatings with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties [PDF]
- CytoPel UV Tracer TDS: UV Tracer for CytoPel quality control inspection [coming soon]
- CytoPel Oleophobic Coatings TDS: An oleophobic acoustically transparent vent, mesh and membrane coating [PDF]
- CytoPel Oleophobic Grade Bulletin: CytoPel and oleophobicity grade AATCC Spec 118-1992 guidelines [PDF]
FluoroPel 260 TDS: Water-based FluoroPel to make paper and cardboard oleophobic and hydrophobic with food and stain repellent properties [PDF]
- FluoroPel 420-F25M TDS: FluoroPel for prevention of corrosion, humidity and pollution damage of electrical components [PDF]
- FluoroPel PFC602 Video: Using FluoroPel to make smartphone water resistant [YouTube]
- FluoroPel Electrowetting Coatings TDS:  FluoroPel 1601V and 1101V are specifically formulated for electrowetting applications [PDF]
- FluoroPel, Pipette Tips and Low Retention: Guide for dip coating pipette tips with FluoroPel [PDF]
- FluoroPel TFMA-6:  Polypropylene dry melt additive for low retention pipette tips [PDF]  

CytoSyl:  Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings for Glass and Oxide-Rich Substrates
- CytoSyl 3750, 3750Y, or 2500Y Selection Guide: Comparison table to help select CytoSyl family anti-fouling coatings [PDF]
- CytoSyl 2500 TDS: A long-lasting, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge coating for glass and other oxide rich surfaces [PDF]
- CytoSyl 3750 TDS: Anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge coating for smartphone and touchscreen glass [PDF]
- CytoSyl 3750Y on hardened glass TDS: Hardened gorilla glass and CytoSyl 3750 application guide [PDF]
- CytoSyl 3750 and 3750Y:  A guide for choosing between two versions of CytoSyl 3750 [coming soon]
- CytoSyl 3750 PVD TDS: Guide for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) of CytoSyl 3750 on eye glass lenses [PDF]

CytoThane and FluoroThane: Superhydrophobic Coatings for Antenna, Anemometers, Radomes, and Reflectors
- CytoThane TS TDS: A durable super-hydrophobic coating that is easy to apply and ship [PDF]
- FluoroThane selection guide: Comparison table of Cytonix superhydrophobic coatings [PDF]
- FluoroThane AD TDS: A durable super-hydrophobic coating that is easy to apply [PDF]
- FluoroThane ME TDS: Superhydrophobic coating for anemometers [PDF]
- FluoroThane MW and WX2100 TDS: An easily reworkable super-hydrophobic coating for radomes, antennas, passive reflectors and other telecommunication applications [PDF]
- FluoroThane MX TDS: Hydrophobic coating for radomes, antennas, and other telecommunications gear with color matching [PDF]
WX2100 Instructions: Instructions for spray application of the superhydrophobic coating WX2100 [PDF]

CytoTool and MicroTool: Microscopy Devices
  - MicroBlue Slides TDS: Glass microscope slides loaded with Methylene-Blue and Cresyl Violet for staining and morphology assessment of cells [PDF]
MicroTool Chamber Slides TDS: Single-use sperm cell counters for CASA [PDF]
MicroTool Use and CASA Instructions: Disposable chambers provide consistent and accurate data on sperm concentration and motion analysis in both manual and automated analysis protocols [PDF]