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Membrane Coatings

Membrane Coatings

FluoroPel Membrane Coatings

Oleophobic Coatings for Membranes, Vents, Filters and Mesh Major

Properties of FluoroPel Coated Membranes

- Coated membranes resist water and oil, while allowing passage of air, gases and sound

- FluoroPel Membranes 6 provides oleophobicity grade of up to 6, Membranes 7 provides oleophobicity grade of up to 7, Membranes 8 provides oleophobicity grade of up to 8

- Available in either fluorosolvents or organic solvents

- Coated membranes can withstand 200°C for 24 hours without losing its properties

Major Applications of FluoroPel Coated Membranes

- FluoroPel membrane applications include, filtration, venting, and diffusion barrier applications.

- Venting membranes are used in automotive-related applications such as, headlamps, electric motors, ABS brakes, gas tanks pressure sensors, engine oil sensors and combustion engines.

- FluoroPel venting membranes are used in healthcare applications such as catheters, IV filter vents, suction-related apparatuses, and instruments.

- FluoroPel coated vents and mesh provide protection from water for water resistant electronics, computer disk drives, headphones, and sound systems.

- Coated membranes can be used for vented packaging, gas sensors and fracking water organics cleanup and separation.

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