Collection: Stencil Coatings

MicroCure DTO is a stencil coating that is effective and simple to use.  Microcure will reduce print defects, improve print quality, and increase printing throughput.

- High lubricity
- Non-stick
- Low friction coefficient
- Does not migrate
- Dry lubricant
- Reduces fouling 

Print resolution improvement is achieved by the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of MicroCure.  Paste is easily released from aperture walls due to the low surface energy of MicroCure. By using MicroCure, stencils will repel flux providing: 

-- Better print quality
-- Durable 9H hard treatment
-- Apply in <10 minutes
-- Increase reliability of printing
-- Improved yield
-- Reduce underside cleaning
-- Reduce paste transfer
-- Reduce flux bleed
-- Reduce solder ball transfer
-- Reduce cost