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CytoPel 502AC

CytoPel 502AC

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CytoPel 502AC is an acrylic polymer at 2% concentration in a fluoro-solvent. Thin films dry in seconds at room temperature to a surface energy of 6-10 dynes/cm and water contact angles as high as 115°. CytoPel at 2% is particularly well suited for coating membranes and provide an oleophobicity grade of 7-8. CytoPel may be applied by a number of methods including dipping, brushing, damming, capillary or syringe dispensing. CytoPel does not occlude pores and helps achieve high oleophobicity grades.

Size: 150 grams (125 ml bottle)
Product name: FluoroPel 502AC
Application methods: Dipping, spraying, etc.
Curing: Air dry at room temperature in 60 seconds (and bake 50°C for 10 minutes if possible)
Appearance: Clear, odorless and colorless film
Contact angle to water: ~115°
Contact angle to oil: >75°
Surface tension: 8-12 dynes/cm
Oleophobicity grade: 7 - 8
Hardness: >2B pencil
Flammability: Non-burning
Concentration: 2%
Heat stability: Continuous 150°C
Max heat stability one hour: 250°C
Refractive index: ~1.34
Toxicity: HMIS Rating Health = 1
Ease of application: Excellent
Solvent/chemical resistance: Excellent after curing
Electric conductivity: Yes (at <0.5 µm film thickness)
Ease of drying: Dries at room temperature in <5 minutes
Transparent: Yes

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