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FluoroPel 100LC [1000 grams]

FluoroPel 100LC [1000 grams]

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FluoroPel 100LC is a C6 fluoroacrylic copolymer resin. This resin is soluble in most fluorosolvents including HFE7700, HFE7200, HFE7100, AE3000, and HFE347. After dilution, 100LC is used to coat membranes, mesh, glass, plastic, and other substrates. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature to a surface energy of about 10 dynes/cm. Warming to 50 - 150°C for 10 minutes optimizes adhesion and smoothness of the film. Diluted FluoroPel 100LC is generally applied by dip coating or spraying. On membranes, mesh and filters, FluoroPel does not occlude pores and helps achieve oleophobicity grades up to 7. This formulation of FluoroPel can be diluted with a 1:1 mix of fluorosolvent and organic solvent (MEK, ethyl-acetate, butyl-acetate, etc.) to reduce solvent cost.  For optimal adhesion to glass and other hydrophilic substrates, addition of 2% FluoroSyl 770 is recommended.   

Size: 1000 grams

Form: Solid

Dilution Instructions: The 100LC solid should be stored at -20°C. Crush the cold and frozen 100LC in a blender or mortar and pestle (crushing is easier when the 100LC is very cold). Add the crushed pellets of 100LC to fluorosolvent slowly (0.2% of weight of solvent) with stirring using a magnetic stir bar. Stir till all the solids are completely dissolved (with a final concentration of 0.2 to 20%) and filter with a 20 micrometer pore size paper or nylon filter if needed.

Application methods: Immersion, dipping, spraying, brushing, etc.

Curing: Air dry at room temperature in 60 seconds (and bake 50°C for 10 minutes if possible)

Appearance: Clear, odorless and colorless film

Contact angle to water: >110°

Contact angle to oil: >75°

Surface tension: 8-12 dynes/cm

Oleophobicity grade: 6 - 7

Hardness: >2B pencil

Flammability: Non-burning in Fluorosolvent

Heat stability: Continuous 150°C

Max heat stability one hour: 250°C

Refractive index: ~1.34

Toxicity: HMIS

Rating Health = 1

Ease of application: Excellent

Solvent/chemical resistance: Excellent after curing

Transparent: Yes

Electric conductivity: Yes (at <0.5 µm film thickness)

Ease of drying: Dries at room temperature in <5 minutes

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