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FluoroPel 420U

FluoroPel 420U

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FluoroPel 420U is a 20% concentration fluoroacrylic copolymer solution in MEK for coating membranes, glass and metal surfaces. Thin films dry in a few minutes and bond after a few minutes at 90° C or after 24 hours at room temperature. Surface energy of the cured film depending on the substrate can be as low as 10 dynes/cm. Application by dip, spin, spray or dam. 420U repels oils, water, silicones, paints, photoresists and organic solvents when cured. 420U can be used to improve corrosion resistance and utilized at temperatures up to 200°C for its anti-wetting, anti-stiction and anti-migration properties. Fabrics, filters and membranes coated with 420U retain air permeability. 420U films are not adversely affected by acetone, IPA, gasoline or auto-oil. 420U is a robust coating with good chemical resistance.

Size: 100 grams (20% polymer in MEK)
Shelf life: 6 months (in sealed unopened container)
Application methods: Brush, dip, syringe dispense, etc
Curing: Air dry at room temperature for 12 hours
Appearance: Clear and colorless film
Odor: Organic solvent odor before drying. Odorless after drying
Contact angle to water: ~105°
Contact angle to oil: >35°
Oleophobicity grade: 5-6
Hardness: >2B pencil
Flammability of film: Non-burning
Heat stability: Continuous 175°C
Use: R&D and industrial only Refractive index: ~1.34
Toxicity of films: HMIS Rating Health = 1
Ease of application: Excellent
Solvent/chemical resistance: Excellent after curing
Ease of drying: Dries at room temperature
Use: R&D only

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