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CytoSyl 3750Y - 20%

CytoSyl 3750Y - 20%

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CytoSyl 3750Y is a water and oil repellent coating with exceptional durability and abrasion resistance used in optical and ophthalmic applications. On glass and similar surfaces, the coating provides excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. CytoSyl is excellent on glass, ceramic, and oxidize-coated surfaces. CytoSyl is also very good on some plasma cleaned plastics (such as polycarbonate) and silicone substrates. When applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD), CytoSyl covalently bonds to glass and other oxide rich surfaces. CytoSyl creates a transparent nano-coating that is fingerprint repellent and easy to clean. PVD is an excellent method for coating eye glass lenses, touchscreens, and other devices. PVD can also be used to oxide-enrich plastic surfaces making plastic receptive to CytoSyl. 100 grams of FluoroSyl at 20% makes 400 PVD tablets (0.25 grams per tablet).  Samples are for industrial and research use only (and not for household use). CytoSyl is a good replacement or alternative to Optool DSX (20% polymer) and Dow Corning 2634.

Quantity: 100 grams (in 100 ml bottle)
Application Methods: Brushing, dipping, spraying, PVD, etc.
Curing: Air dry 60 seconds (and bake at 50-100°C for 10 minutes with 50% relative humidity if possible)
Transparent: Yes
Refractive Index: 1.3
Density: 1.55 g/ml
Active Ingredient: 20%
Static Contact Angle to Water (2 µl): >105°
Contact Angle after Windex Exposure: >100°
Contact Angle after Isopropyl Alcohol Exposure: >100°
Contact Angle after Acetone Exposure: >100°
Static Contact Angle to Mineral Oil (20 µl): >55°
Use: Medical, Industrial, and R&D only

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