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CytoThane TS

CytoThane TS

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CytoThane-TS is a super-hydrophobic coating used on marine and ground-based microwave antenna, 5G antenna, radomes and other telecommunications gear to prevent rain fade. CytoThane TS is a two-part durable super-hydrophobic coating. CytoThane TS provides 140 to 165° contact angle performance in extreme sun and rain. TS also significantly reduces snow and ice accumulation.  CytoThane is a potential replacement for DryWired SCH2, and Ultra Ever Dry.  

Size 1: 125 ml (Net WT 100 g) (base-coat) + 125 ml (Net WT 1.0 g) (top-coat)
Size 2: 1000 ml (Net WT 800 g) (base-coat) + 1000 ml (Net WT 10 g) (top-coat)
Application: Roll-on (Gravity feed HVLP for large projects)
Drying time: 2 hours
Colors: Frosty-white or Frosty-black
Flammable solvents: Base-coat non-flammable, Dry Top-coat non-flammable
Storage temperature: 20-30°C
Shelf life: 1 year
Durability: 1 - 5 years (varies based on environmental conditions)
Dielectric constant: 3 at 100 MHz
Electrical resistivity: ~2 tera ohms
Taber abrasion: Super-hydrophobic after 10 cycles with CS10 wheel
Thickness: 80-100 micrometers

Description: When rain creates a water or ice film on antenna, satellite dishes, and sensors it results in reduced or lost signal. On CytoThane coated dishes rain bead-up and roll-off resulting in reduced water and ice build-up. Water contact angles greater than 140° with a roll-off angle of less than 1° can be easily achieved.

Application: Sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper using a circular motion and wipe-down with Isopropyl Alcohol to eliminate all sanding residue and dry. Shake the bottle of Basecoat vigorously for 60 seconds. CytoThane-TS Basecoat should be applied with rollers that are 4-inches long with nap thickness of half-inch. The 4 edges of the panel should be coated first. And then the coating should be rolled out over the panel surface in an up-down direction, followed by a left-right direction to ensure thorough and even distribution. The key objective is to ensure that CytoThane-TS Basecoat is uniformly distributed on the surface and that the 100 µm-particles are present as the outermost layer exposed to air.  Allow the Basecoat to dry for at least 15 minutes or more before applying the Topcoat. 

The Basecoat should be inspected for hardness and adhesion (with an HB-pencil 500 grams) and uniform distribution of 100 µm particles before application of the Topcoat. If hardness fails, the Basecoat must be dried further. If any pealing is observed with the HB-pencil, the surface must be sanded, wiped, and Basecoat reapplied. If uniform distribution of 100 µm particles is not observed, a second Base-Coat application is recommended (after shaking the Basecoat).  

To the 1000 ml bottle of Topcoat add 666 grams of acetone. Shake the bottle of Topcoat vigorously for 60 seconds. Lightly roll on the Topcoat using a new roller cover. It is better to apply many light coats (with drying between coats) than one heavy coat. At room temperature, the coating will be resistant to light rain in 1 hour, substantially cured in 24 hours, and full coating properties will develop in ~5 days. For best rain performance, avoid touching or abrading the surface. Coverage of 1000 ml (X2) of TS is 20 square meters. Cleanup Basecoat with water.  Cleanup Topcoat with acetone.

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