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MicroCure DTO 40P

MicroCure DTO 40P

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MicroCure is a hydrophobic and oleophobic ceramic coating formulated for aircraft. MicroCure has excellent resistance to stains and UV-light. Substrates for MicroCure include painted surfaces, glass and raw metal. MicroCure is applied by dipping, metered-rod, and wipe-on methods. When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 95° and roll-off angles of less than 5° can be achieved. Cured films are up to 9H pencil hard.

Properties of cured MicroCure include:
- Water and oil
- Protects against sunlight oxidation
- Increases surface hardness
- Easy to clean properties
- Easy bug-splatter cleanup

Size: 100 grams (in 125 ml bottle)
Application method: Remove any oil, dirt or contaminants from the surface. Wipe-on MicroCure using a lint-free microfiber cloth while wearing disposable gloves. Allow to dry for 10 minutes and buff clean with a new soft microfiber cloth.
Color: Transparent
Water contact angle: over 95°
Caution: Avoid breathing fumes. Apply in well-ventilated area.
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