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MicroCure EVE

MicroCure EVE

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MicroCure EVE is a two-part room temperature curable hydrophobic oligomer with excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals. Substrates for EVE include PCBs, plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. EVE can be applied by dip, spray, jet, roll, draw or brushing. When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 100° and roll-off angles of less than 5° can be achieved.

Size: 100 grams (125 ml bottle)
Application methods: Pad printing, direct or reverse roll, offset gravure, metering rod, slot die, knife over roll, air knife, curtain, immersion, spin, dipping, etc.
Curing: Heat at 75, 100, or 200° C for 20 minutes
Color: Frosty or semi-transparent. Colored by request
Water contact angle: over 120°
Solvent resistance: Acetone, ethanol, mineral spirits, etc.

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