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FluoroPel UV Tracer

FluoroPel UV Tracer

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FluoroPel is a family of nano-coatings designed to repel water and oil. FluoroPel dries to a very thin film with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. FluoroPel-Tracer is an additive for FluoroPel that facilitates UV light quality control inspection of coated parts.

Amount: 150 grams (~125 ml)
Application directions: Add UV tracer to FluoroPel at 1% weight for weight.
Applications: UV light quality control inspection of FluoroPel coated parts
Excitation wavelengths: 365 nm or 254 nm
Solids percent: 10%‎
Color: Yellow to brown
Flammable: No
Density: 1.6 g/ml
Package options: 150 grams (125 ml bottle); 1 pound (500 liter bottle)

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