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MicroCure CTO 46

MicroCure CTO 46

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MicroCure CTO 46 is an excellent photo initiator for FluorAcryl, U-series inks and other UV curable resins. It is a mixture of Trimethylbenzoyldiphenylphosphineoxide-α-hydroxyketones and Benzophenone derivatives. It is clear yellow liquid that is soluble in common organic solvents, monomers and oligomers used in UV applications. CTO 46 is great for the photo polymerization of UV curable pigmented systems when high-reactivity, low-odor and low-yellowing are needed. It is commonly used in clear and white color coatings and inks. When an inert atmosphere is not used, using CTO 46 may provide both a good surface cure and a through pigment cure. MicroCure is a good replacement for KTO-46 (from Lamberti and IGM).

Size: 100 grams (~125 ml)
Usage: 2 to 5% of resin
Curing wavelength: 360-420 nm
Color: Yellow
Solvents: Acetone, MEK, ethyl-acetate, butyl-acetate, etc.

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