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MicroCure DI-0P8

MicroCure DI-0P8

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MicroCure DI-0P8 is a two-part durable hydrophilic coating. MicroCure provides very low (<10°) contact angle performance in extreme sun and rain. MicroCure coated parts are self cleaning.  The coating can be exposed to the elements after 12 hours of drying. Surface temperatures should be between 32 and 95°F during wipe-on application. Coverage of 125 ml (X2) of MicroCure is 125 square feet.

Size: 100-grams X 2 (one bottle of base-coat and one bottle of top-coat)
Application: Wipe-on or Dip
Drying time: 2 hours
Colors: Colorless and transparent
Flammable solvents: flammable
Storage temperature: 20-30°C
Shelf life: 1 year
Durability: 1 - 3 years (varies based on environmental conditions)
Taber abrasion: Hydrophobic after 100 cycles with CS10 wheel
Thickness:  200-300 nanometers
Application:  The temperature of the surface to be coated should be between 45°F and 95°F. Keep container at room temperature prior to use. All surfaces need to be dry and free from wax, grease and polishes for good adhesion. Clean the substrate with isopropyl alcohol or other suitable method to remove dirt and grime. Wipe-on BASE-COAT using lint-free microfiber cloths using a cross-hatch pattern. Allow the BASE COAT to dry for 30 minutes or more (at room temperature) before applying the TOP COAT. Wipe-on TOP-COAT using lint-free microfiber cloth in a cross-hatch pattern.  Allow the coating to dry for over 12 hours before exposing to rain. For best long term performance avoid touching the coated surface. Avoid breathing fumes during application. Apply in a well-ventilated area.

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