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FluoroPel 1600AC

FluoroPel 1600AC

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FluoroPel 1600AC series are one, two and four percent fluoropolymer solutions in a fluorosolvent (BP=160°C) for coating glass, plastic and metal surfaces. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature to a surface energy of about 10 dynes/cm. Warming to 90°C for 10 minutes optimizes adhesion and reduces the surface energy to about 8 dynes/cm. 1600AC series solutions are recommended for dip or spin application. On mesh, FluoroPel does not occlude pores and helps achieve oleophobicity grades up to 8. FluoroPel co-polymers with Alkoxy Furfural (AFA) functionality improves adhesion to plastics such as vinyl and polycarbonate. Trimethoxy Silane (FS) functionality improves adhesion to glass, ceramic and metal. Epoxy (CoE5), TFH, Lauryl (LRA) and Isobornyl (IBA) functionality improves adhesion to many substrates. Formulations with fluorescent tracers are also available. Please contact Cytonix for custom formulations or help with product selection.

Size: 150 grams (125 ml bottle)
Shelf life: Two years (in sealed unopened container)
Application methods: Spin, dipping, spray, etc.
Curing: Heat at 100 to 150°C for 20 minutes
Appearance: Clear, odorless and colorless film
Contact angle to water: >110°
Contact angle to mineral oil: >65°
Oleophobicity grade: >7
Hardness: >2B pencil
Flammability: Non-burning
Tracer: UV tracer for quality control (at request)
Heat stability continuous: 150°C
Max heat stability one hour: 250°C
Refractive index: ~1.34
Toxicity of films: HMIS Rating Health = 1
Use: R&D and industrial only
Solvent/chemical resistance: Excellent after curing
Transparent: Yes
Gas permeable: Yes (at 0.2% concentration)
Electric conductivity: Yes (at <0.5 µm film thickness)
Application notes: Please make sure the substrate is free of dust and any other loose material. Spin coat at 1000 RPM for about 30 seconds. Bake at 100 to 150°C for 20 minutes till film is completely dry. FluoroPel can also be applied by spraying, damming, dipping, syringe-dispensing, etc.

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