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MicroCure T

MicroCure T

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MicroCure T is an additive for solvent based paints that reduces surface tension and improves surface lubricity. MicroCure improves water repellency, ice repellency and oil repellency when added to coatings, inks and paints. MicroCure has excellent slip, anti-crater and leveling properties. MicroCure is added at up to 10% to improve surface slipperiness.

Quantity: 125 ml
Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)
Key benefits:
Reduces surface tension and enhances leveling of paints, inks and coatings. Provides water repellency, ice repellency and oil repellency to coatings.
Concentration: MicroCure T is effective at concentrations between 1 – 10% by weight.
Structure: Siloxane copolymer
Color: Clear liquid
Density: 1.0 (~ 8.0lb/gal)
Flash point: 120°C
Stability: Freeze thaw stable
Shelf-life: 2 years when stored in an original unopened packaging between -20 and +20°C
Water contact angle: ~100° (5% in alkyd paints)
Dynamic viscosity: ~2,000 mPa.s (at 25°C)

Inks: Improves pigment compatibility in inks, improves cylinder life in print equipment and better paint definition
Paints: Improves wetting and leveling and reduces cratering of solvent based paints

MicroCure T is available in: • 1 lb bottles • 8 lb (1 gal) pails • 35 lb (5 gal) drums

Regulatory Summary:
This product complies with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and REACH in Europe.