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TFM 100

TFM 100

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FluoroPel TFM-100 for plastic devices is a fluoroacrylic copolymer solution in a fluorosolvent for coating plastic devices such as pipette tips, tubing and micro-centrifuge tubes. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature to provided water contact angles greater than 110°. Contact angles to mineral oil is greater than 75°. This version of FluoroPel is primarily applied by dip coating. This coating is used in dip coating machines to make laboratory devices such as pipette tips low retention. These assist in preventing water, oil, buffers, solvents, biological-fluids and other materials from sticking to laboratory devices. FluoroPel is used for industrial, research and medical applications.

Size: 125 ml
Application methods: Immersion, spin, dipping, etc.
Curing: Air dry at room temperature in 60 seconds (and bake 50°C for 10 minutes if possible)
Color: Colorless
Water contact angle: over 110°
Mineral oil contact angle: over 75°
Solvent resistance: Most solvents
Packaging options: 1 pound bottles, 1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails