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FluorN TFMA-6 is a fluorosurfactant dry melt additive for plastic devices such as pipette tips, tubing and micro-centrifuge tubes. The surfactant blooms on the device surface to provide water contact angles of ~110 degrees. Contact angles to mineral oil of ~65 degrees. TFMA is compounded into polypropylene at 0.5% to make pipette tips and other plastic devices water, oil, and solvent repellent. TFMA prevents water, oil, buffers, solvents, biological-fluids, and other materials from sticking to device surfaces. TFMA is used in industrial, research, and biomedical applications.

Size: 200 grams

Application methods: Dry melt additive for injection molding

Color: Colorless

Water contact angle: over 110°

Mineral oil contact angle: over 65°

TFMA is a hydrophobic dry-melt compounding additive for polypropylene. TFMA is provided as a solid that is usually ground into a fine powder by a compounder. Compounding is a process, in which a polymer resin is melted and mixed with additives such as TFMA. Melt the polypropylene and mix in TFMA at concentration of 0.5%. Alternatively, a master batch of 12.5% TFMA can be produced and then the 12.5% composite mixed with the melted polymer. It is very important that a uniform distribution of TFMA in the polypropylene is achieved. The end mixture or composite is now ready for injection molding using instructions appropriate for the molded parts being produced. The TFMA containing composite must not be heated above 250°C. After injection molding, TFMA may take 2 to 10 days too fully bloom on the surface and provide enhanced hydrophobic properties.  TFMA is not recommended for food contact applications.

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