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MicroCure PU

MicroCure PU

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MicroCure PU is a water-based polyurethane paint.  MicroCure is a great primer for superhydrophobic coatings.  MicroCure has great adhesion and leveling properties. 

Quantity: 125 ml
Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)
Use: R&D and industrial uses.  
Structure: Polyurethane emulsion
Color: Cloudy liquid
Density: 1.0 (~ 8.0lb/gal)
Flash point: 120°C
Stability: Avoid freeze thaw conditions
Shelf-life: 2 years when stored in an original unopened packaging between 60 and 800°F
Water contact angle: ~80° (5% in alkyd paints)
MicroCure TW is available in: • 1 lb bottles • 8 lb (1 gal) pails • 35 lb (5 gal) drums
Regulatory Summary:
This product complies with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and REACH in Europe. R&D and industrial uses only.

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