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MicroCure NE

MicroCure NE

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MicroCure NE is a durable hydrophobic coating formulated for water repellency. NE is an acrylic that is free of fluorine. MicroCure provides over 100° water contact angle performance, is low gloss and transparent. When NE is applied over colored devices the original color is largely retained. NE is a one-part coating formulated for brush or roll application. The coating is water resistant after 4 hours and is fully cured in 5 days. One gallon covers ~200 square feet. Samples are for academic and industrial research use only.

Size: 125 ml
Application method: Brush or roll-on
Drying time: 4 hours
Water contact angle: >100°
Color: Transparent

DESCRIPTION: MicroCure NE is a hydrophobic coating.

DIRECTIONS: Surface should be clean, dry and free of oils and detergents. Stir the product carefully just prior to use. Surface and ambient air temperature should be 55-75°F. The coating should appear immediately after brush-on application. Clean up immediately with acetone or mineral spirits. Shelf life of unopened product is 12 months. Coating will be light rain resistant in 30 minutes, substantially cured in 24 hours, and full coating properties will be developed in 7 to 10 days. Exposure to heat (100°F) will facilitate cure.

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