Collection: Conformal Coatings

Major Properties of Cytonix Water, Oil and Chemicals Repellent Conformal Coatings Include:
- MicroCure D-series is designed for moisture, corrosion and tin whisker protection of circuit boards
- Both FluoroPel and MicroCure films have excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
- FluoroPel 800 and 800 PC, dries at room temperature in minutes, is reworkable, and masking is optional
- MicroCure UV72 is UV light curable, tough, and solvent resistant. It is also solvent-free and free of VOC
- All Cytonix conformal coatings are low toxicity, non-ozone depleting and RoHS compliant
- Versions with a dye that fluoresces under UV light is available
- Provides better moisture repellency for the same film thickness compared to competing urethane, silicone and acrylic conformal coatings
- Contains no silicone and causes no contact failure of electric contact points
- Can be applied by dipping, brushing, damming, spraying, capillary or syringe dispensing

Our staff is available to assist you with selecting the best Cytonix product for your application. Please email ( or call (301.470.6267) for assistance.

FluoroPel Selection Guide
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