Collection: CYTOPEL: Conformal Coatings

CytoPel hydrophobic and oleophobic conformal coatings are acrylic-based polymers. Applications for CytoPel include coating membranes, plastic laboratory devices, microfluidic devices, printed circuit boards, ball-grit arrays, MR heads, micro-motors, MEMS, and hard disk drive components. Fabrics, mesh, filters and membranes coated with CytoPel retain air permeability, Rayl values and acoustic penetrance. Oleophobicity grade of up to 8 can also be achieved. CytoPel is provided as a clear, low viscosity, low surface tension solution usually at 0.2% to 10% polymer in a wide variety of solvents. CytoPel formulations also prevent corrosion, sweat damage, tin whiskers, and dendrites.