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Metal Coatings

Metal Coatings

Cytonix has many coatings for metal surfaces.  FluoroPel 800 is easy to apply by dipping or spraying and makes surfaces hydrophobic, oleophobic. FluoroPel 800 has antiwetting, anti-stiction and anti-migration properties FluoroPel 800M is superhydrophobic with contact angles to water greater than 140°. MicroCure DTO is applied by wipe-on or dipping and provides a hard, hydrophobic, and easy to clean surface. Application for Cytonix metal  coatings include:

- Hydrophobic ink repellent coatings for metal stencils

- Hydrophobic coatings for metal mesh on speakers, microphones, and sensor vents. 

Please contact Cytonix with questions and specific needs. Cytonix coatings are used for academic research and industrial applications.