Collection: Hydrophobic Coatings

Cytonix hydrophobic coatings are comprised of polymers in a wide variety of solvent options for coating semiconductors, membranes, glass, plastic, and metal. Thin films dry in a few minutes at room temperature to provide low surface energy and water contact angles between 80 and 160°.

-- On membranes, metal mesh and filters, CytoPel will not occlude pores and helps achieve oleophobicity grades of 7 or 8

-- On microfluidic devices, CytoPel is hydrophobic and oleophobic and will repel buffers, DNA, protein, and most organics

-- Cytonix CytoCure is UV light resistant and provides protection against oxidative damage and corrosion on paint surfaces

-- On printed circuit boards and semiconductor chips, CytoPel is a conformal coating that help ruggedize electronics

-- On stencils, CytoCure is a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that is simple to use and effective at improving print quality, increase throughput, reduce defects, and enhance printing small features and apertures

-- On glass and other OH-rich surfaces, CytoSyl is an excellent anti-fouling nano coating with excellent longevity   

Please contact Cytonix for custom formulations, help with product selection or high volume purchasing.