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FluorN 659

FluorN 659

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FluorN 659 is a low molecular weight perfluoroalkyl stearate surfactant. At concentrations of 0.25 to 1%, FluorN 659 adds hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to polyolefins and other plastics. FluorN 659 is an injection molding hydrophobic and oleophobic melt additive for plastic. FluorN 659 at 1% concentration is currently used to injection mold low retention plastic pipette tips.

Amount: 50 grams

Shelf life: Two years (in unopened container)
Description: FluorN is a 100% solids, non-reactive, fluorine-containing stearate.
Physical properties:
Form: Waxy solid
Color: White
Odor: Slight halogen
Relative density: ~1.1
Solubility in water: No
Freezing: Protect from freezing
Regulatory: FluorN 659 does not contain PFOA or PFOS, do not degrade to PFOS or PFOA and do not derive from compounds comprising these materials. These product are in compliance with the chemical notification requirements of TSCA and are REACH compliant in Europe.