Collection: Plastic Coatings

Cytonix has many coating options for plastic devices.   Applications for Cytonix plastic coatings include:

- Water, oil and earwax repellent coatings for heating aids
- Hydrophobic coatings for 5G antenna to prevent rain water film formation
- Low retention coatings for plastic laboratory devices such as pipette tips and microfuge tubes.

Featured coatings for plastics include:

-- CytoPel 500 is easy to apply by dipping or spraying and makes plastic surfaces hydrophobic and oleophobic. 
-- MicroCure DTO is applied by wipe-on or dipping and provides a hard, hydrophobic, and easy to clean surface.
-- CytoThane AD is applied by spraying.  CytoThane is a superhydrophobic water and biofluids repellent coating.

Please contact Cytonix with questions or special requests.  Cytonix coatings are used for academic research and industrial applications.