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FluoroPel 804A-PC

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FluoroPel 804A-PC is a fluoroacrylic solution at a concentration of 4% in a fluorosolvent with a UV-tracer. Thin films (~0.4 microns) dry in a few minutes at room temperature to a surface energy of about 10 dynes/cm, water contact angle over 110° and mineral oil contact angle over 70°. Warming to 50 to 100°C for 10 minutes will improve coverage and adhesion. Please contact Cytonix for help with product selection or with any questions.
Sample volume: 150 grams (~125 ml)
Application method
: D
ipping, spray, syringe-dispense, brushing
Applications: Anti-Stiction, moisture and corrosion protection
Coating thickness: 300 - 400 nm ‎
Dielectric constant‎: 3.0 (at 1kHz, 30% relative humidity)‎
Dielectric strength‎: 1000 V/mil (@ 30% relative humidity)
Dry time: 60 seconds‎
Uses: Solder joints‎, printed circuit boards, ball grit arrays
Properties: Repels oils, water, hydrocarbons, silicones, photoresists
Solids percent: 4%‎
Thermal cure time: Optional (50-100°C for 10 minutes)