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FluoroTac AE5010

FluoroTac AE5010

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AE5010 is a clear Perfluoropolyether pressure sensitive adhesive in low boiling point fluorinated solvent. Films 3 to 4 mills thick dry in minutes under ambient conditions to a moderate tac, good cohesion and are resistant to UV and non-fluorinated solvents. Films have excellent adhesion to most substrates, including PTFE. Temperature range is -160°F to 140°F.

Volume: 100 grams
Function: Fluoro-polymer adhesive
Appearance: Transparent or Translucent
Clarity: Lightly turbid to Clear
Concentration: 50%
Cure: Room temperature or heat-cure
Odor: Light ether-like odor
Flammability: Non-Flammable
Viscosity: ~60,000 cps
Solubility: Fluoro-solvents PFC60, PFC80
Shelf Life: >5 years stored in original unopened container
Environmental: Low in toxicity, non-ozone depleting
One Part System: Yes
Application Options: Pad printing, brushing, syringe, etc.
Thickness: ~20µm
Carrier Film Thickness: ~40µm
Product Benefits:
● Excellent wettability
● Easy die pick up
● Excellent package reliability
● One step lamination Application

Coating Procedure and Application Notes:
The environment for the coating process needs to be clean. Dust can negatively affect the coating application process resulting in poor adhesion, voids, and reduction of coating performance.

A. Masking: Masking maybe optional

B. Cleaning Process: Substrate may need to be cleaned using IPA Wipes and/or compressed air to remove dust.

C. Coating Process: Pad print, syringe-dispense or brush-on FluoroTac. - Dry by hanging at room temperature - Cure by heating at 60°C for 10 minutes (optional)

D. Safety: In Case of a Spill: Evacuate unprotected and untrained personnel. Contain spill. Working from around the edges of the spill inward, cover with bentonite, vermiculite, or commercially available inorganic absorbent material. Clean up residue with an appropriate solvent. Place in a metal container approved for transportation by appropriate authorities. Seal the container. Dispose of collected material as soon as possible.

E. Health:
Eye Contact: Contact with eyes during product use is not expected to result in significant irritation.
Skin Contact: Contact with skin during product use is not expected to result in significant irritation.
Inhalation: Thermal decomposition products may be harmful if inhaled.
Ingestion: No health effects are expected.
First Aid: The following recommendations are based on an assumption that appropriate personal and industrial hygiene practices are followed:
Eye Contact: Flush eyes with large amounts of water. If signs/symptoms persist, get medical attention.
 Skin Contact: Wash affected area with soap and water. If signs/symptoms develop, get medical attention.
 Inhalation: If signs/symptoms develop, remove person to fresh air. If signs/symptoms persist, get medical attention. If Swallowed: If signs/symptoms develop, get medical attention. No need for first aid is anticipated.


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