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FluorN C6MA

FluorN C6MA

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FluorN C6MA is a methacrylate functional fluoro alkyl that can be copolymerized with many acrylics. This adds water and oil repellency and chemical resistance. C6MA consists of six perfluorinated linear carbon atoms and is methacrylate terminated.

Amount: 125 ml
Shelf life: 5 years (in unopened container)

Description: FluorN C6OH is a 100% solids hydroxy functional fluoro alkyl compatible with many urethanes.
CAS Number: 647-42-7
Molecular Weight: 364.1
Minimum Purity: 99%
Form: Liquid
Color: colorless to yellow
Melting Point: -33°C
Boiling Point: 172°C
Density (25°C): 1.68 g/mL
Flammable: No
Storage: Room temperature in tightly closed container