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FluoroSyl 770

FluoroSyl 770

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FluoroSyl 770 is a fluoro-silane nano coating with good durability, lubricity and abrasion resistance. On glass the coating provides good oleophobic properties. 770 is recommended for glass and other oxide-rich surfaces.  770 is also an excellent adhesion promoter for fluorinated coatings on glass and other hydrophilic or oxide-rich surfaces.  

Quantity: 150 grams at 4% (in MCA+)
Use: R&D  
Application options: Dip, metered rod, spray, etc.
Curing: Air dry for 24 hours (or bake 100°C for 15 minutes with 50% relative humidity)
Transparent: Yes
Refractive Index: 1.3
Density: 1.5 g/ml
Static contact angle to water (2 µl): >95°
Static contact angle to mineral oil (20 µl): >50°

Application method: Clean the substrate and dry. The best method to clean surfaces is with oxygen or argon plasma. Apply 770 immediately after surface preparation.  Dip in 770 for 60 seconds.  Allow 770 to dry and cure for 1 hour at room temperature. The substate should now repel water and oil.
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