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CytoCure DT BIO

CytoCure DT BIO

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CytoCure DT-Bio is a family of non-PFAS hydrophobic and oleophobic conformal coatings. CytoCure has excellent resistance to water, buffers, biofluids, chemicals, solvents, and abrasion. CytoCure can be applied by dipping, wiping, spraying, syringe-dispensing, etc.  When well-cured, contact angles to water greater than 90° can be achieved. CytoCure forms a hard shell around devices that prevents water, vapor, and chemical ingress.  CytoCure is UV-light resistant and completely PFAS-free. CytoCure adhere well to most glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Please contact Cytonix for custom applications or formulations. Formulations with fluorescent tracers or tinting are available.

Size: 100 grams (in 125 ml bottle)
Application method: Dip, brush or spray, or dip. For dipping, immerse in a bath of CytoCure and draw out at a speed of 1 mm per second or less. Approximately 100 square feet of surface area can be coated with 100 grams of CytoCure
Curing: Room temperature 5 hours (or heat for 5 minutes at 60 to 100°C)
Color: Transparent
Storage and shelf life: 60-80°F (in closed bottle); 1 year
Water contact angle: over 90°
Ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and acetone resistance: Excellent
NaOH resistant: Yes (25% NaOH for 1 hour)
Use:  R&D, Medical devices, and industrial uses only
Packaging options: 100 grams (125 ml bottle); 800 grams (1000 ml bottle); 7 LBS (1 gallon bottle)

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